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How Does Sod Installation work ? 

Sod installation, a popular method for lawn maintenance, has gained popularity due to its fully grown root system, making it easy to maintain compared to the time-consuming seeding technique. Sod is typically cultivated on farms under professional supervision and then delivered to customers in pre-grown rolls for swift installation. In contrast to seeding, sodding:

  • + Requires less initial cost but demands ongoing effort and expenses to sustain growth.
  • +Presents lower chances of uniform seed growth due to varying growth conditions.

More individuals are opting for sodding over seeding as it provides an almost instant lawn without the waiting period for cultivation. The optimal time for sod installation is generally between April and early November, depending on weather conditions in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Day 1 Landscaping can assist in determining the suitable time for sod installation Calgary and address any other inquiries in Calgary and surrounding area.

Benefits of Lawn Replacement:

  1. Fresh sod reduces heat on hot summer days, enhancing comfort.
  2. New lawns serve as natural air conditioners, diminishing greenhouse gases and absorbing carbon dioxide.
  3. Sod installation is the quickest way to attain a fresh lawn, ready for use within 2-3 weeks with proper care.
  4. Sod requires less water for establishment, saving both money and time.
  5. Fresh lawns help prevent erosion, reduce noise, and stabilize soil on hills.
  6. Vibrant, clean, and soft grass can increase household value by 15-20%.

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Choosing Professional Sod Installers:

  1. Hiring the right contractor can save time, effort, and money.
  2. Professional contractors utilize specialized tools and techniques for optimal results.
  3. Renting equipment and attempting DIY sod installation often proves costlier and riskier.

Selecting a reputable company is crucial, as different techniques are employed for ground preparation. Experienced professionals ensure the best results in minimal time and expense.


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